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I'm With Pulp, Are You?

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Hardcover, 288 pages
210 mm x 260 mm | 8.26 in. x 10.23 in.
Texts by Mark Webber
Foreword by Jarvis Cocker
Additional texts by Simon Reynolds and Luke Turner

When Mark Webber discovered Pulp as a teenage music fan in 1985, the band was on first-name terms with most of their limited audience. Over the next few years, Mark began to help out with stage sets and light shows, eventually becoming the group’s first tour manager and running the fan club. After being called upon to play guitar and keyboards at live shows, he began to contribute to songwriting and recordings before being asked to join the band in 1995. This incredible backstory—from being a fan to joining his favorite band—provides the unique perspective of I’m With Pulp, Are You?

The book gathers material from Mark’s extensive collection of ephemera and objects accumulated over the last five decades of his involvement with the band. The lavishly illustrated pages combine images with Webber’s reminiscences to chronicle a history of the band told from the inside. It includes photographs, flyers, record covers, set lists, stickers, posters, press clippings, merchandise, and masses of promotional material. I'm With Pulp, Are You? also features a foreword by Jarvis Cocker, and newly commissioned essays by music writers Simon Reynolds and Luke Turner.


British band Pulp were formed in 1978, while frontman Jarvis Cocker was still at school. After many years and personnel changes, they finally began to achieve widespread recognition in the 1990s with hit singles like “Babies”, “Do You Remember the First Time?” and “Common People.” The albums Different Class and This is Hardcore assured their place as one of the most loved and respected bands of the period. Having gone on hiatus in 2002, Pulp made a surprise return, playing concerts worldwide in 2011 and 2012. Now they’re on road again, having recently completed universally acclaimed tours of the UK and Latin America. The “encore” continues with European summer festival shows and a sold-out US tour scheduled for fall 2024.

Edited by Mark Webber
Designed by Mark El-Khatib
Commissioned by J.C. Gabel